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What is Electrotherapy?

What is Electrotherapy?

It’s fantastic when you think about how much medical technology has advanced nowadays. Before the advent of therapies like electrotherapy, conditions like chronic pain can only be managed through health supplies in Florida like painkillers. These drugs, however, can have unwanted side effects.

Thanks to alternative therapies like electrotherapy, patients can now recover faster, with or without medications. Now, how does electrotherapy work?

Defining Electrotherapy
This therapy is a non-invasive modality. Non-invasive means that no medical devices like needles penetrate the body in the administration of the treatment. Instead, the therapist administers a current of electricity through the skin using specific medical supplies and equipment in Cape Coral, Florida.

Another advantage of electrotherapy is that it is very customizable. The therapist can administer various current strengths to address a specific condition suffered by the patient.

What Are the Effects of Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy fosters many therapeutic effects on the body. These effects include:

  • Stimulation of the glands that release endorphins, or the hormones that make us feel good
  • Inhibition of the glands that produce pain signals, or prostaglandins
  • Contraction of otherwise seldom-used muscles and to prevent atrophy
  • Stimulation of a heating effect through blood circulation, which reduces inflammation

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