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How Does Arterial Plaque Develop?

How Does Arterial Plaque Develop?

Arterial plaque is the main culprit behind hypertension or extremely high blood pressure. It’s actually a result of natural processes. However, when it has accumulated in excessive amounts inside the body, it becomes a danger.

Hypertension requires the maintenance of health supplies in Florida. If you want to avoid it, you should learn how arterial plaque forms in the artery. Let’s take a look.

We all know that the bloodstream carries substances taken from the food that we eat. Some of these can get trapped in the arterial walls, particularly cholesterol. This triggers an immune system response. White blood cells accumulate in the area to keep the cholesterol from going anywhere else. At the same time, muscle cells encase the plaque in a cap.

In some cases, the cap over the plaque hardens in the arterial walls and remains there. In other cases, however, the cap is soft and fibrous. This soft cap is the real danger. Spikes in blood pressure can cause it to rupture and form a clot in the region. When that happens, people are at risk for stroke or a heart attack.

Prevention is better than cure, of course. So before you even shop for medical supplies and equipment in Cape Coral, Florida for hypertension, you might want to think about making lifestyle changes instead to avoid it.

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