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Covid 19 Information and How to Keep Yourself Safe

Covid 19 Cleaning to Stay Safe

As you have read throughout local news reports nationwide, the local media’s attention is all about the new strain of coronavirus. Covid 19 and similar viruses are typically distributed through coughing, sneezing, talking, and physical contact especially when indoors. Physical content can also be as simple as touching the gas station pump when getting gas for your car or remaining indoors for a period of time with crowds.

Our clients want and deserve to know whether they should be concerned about the coronavirus commonly referred to as Covid 19.  It’s not realistic to think you can douse your entire household with hand sanitizer or disinfectants like you do on countertops, doorknobs, and other hard surfaces.

This article offers some insight and answers, as well as some valuable information on how to properly sanitize your home against any cold or flu virus.


  • The infectious lifespan of viruses in general depends on temperature, humidity, and the porosity of the surface where the virus is found. We have flu “season,” because cold, dry environments allow viruses to remain infectious longer.

In a 2011 study called Survival of Influenza A(H1N1) on Materials Found in Households: Implications for Infection Control by Dr. Jane Greatorex at Public Health England, findings showed the virus remained infectious about twice as long on non-porous surfaces, such as plastic and metal, as porous surfaces, like clothing, wood, and the like. Your carpet and upholstery are porous, which means it is less hospitable to viruses than non-porous surfaces. However, your carpet and upholstery are still cool and dry.

According to a study recently published in The Journal of Hospital Infections entitled Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents, the new strain of coronavirus, like similar viruses, such as SARS and MERS, can survive for anywhere from 2 hours to 9 days on a surface. Although there are proven methods for preventing the spread of known coronaviruses, these methods have never been tested against this specific virus. So, until more information is available, our recommendations for dealing with the new strain of coronavirus on carpet and upholstery can only be based on what we do know about the coronaviruses in general. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantees that professional carpet cleaning will eliminate the new strain of coronaviruses.


It is always a good idea to protect your family by keeping all of your surfaces clean with disinfectant, especially during the flu season.


  • Wash your hands often with sanitizing liquid soap and warm water or sanitizing wipes.
  • Disinfect surfaces that see a lot of hand-traffic, such as doorknobs, and light switches, as well as countertops, walls, and floors.
  • Use a HEPA filter in your vacuum so that small particles are trapped instead of being blown back into the air. Vacuum often.
  • Schedule professional cleaning services for your carpets, rugs, and upholstery and ask that a deodorizer hospital grade be applied each and every time.

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This situation has become a necessary way of life for us all and the way we confront our challenges during Covid 19.

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