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Common Dangers Associated with High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure, or hypertension, is sometimes called the silent killer because symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Common symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, nausea, and blurred vision. Having medical equipment like blood pressure monitoring devices at home can help you better manage blood pressure at home and reduce your risk of hypertension.

Here are some of the common dangers associated with high blood pressure and why you should take the necessary steps to manage your blood pressure at home:

  • Damage to the Heart

    Hypertension can increase the pressure of blood flowing through the arteries, damaging the cells of the arteries’ inner lining over time. Damage to the arteries can increase the risk of heart disease, aneurysms, and heart failure. Blood pressure care equipment and devices can help improve patient outcomes and address medical needs like heart health and management.

  • Kidney Disease

    High blood pressure can also cause damage to the kidneys. The kidneys need healthy blood vessels to filter fluid and waste from the blood. Damaged blood vessels can increase the risk of kidney scarring and kidney failure.

  • Brain Damage

    The brain needs a healthy supply of blood to function optimally. High blood pressure can limit blood flow to the brain, increasing the risk of mental health issues like dementia and other mental health disorders. We provide high blood pressure health supplies in Cape Coral, Florida, such as compression stockings and monitoring gadgets.

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