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Proper Wound Care Tips for Faster Healing


As one of the leading providers of medical supplies and equipment in Florida, we know a lot about wound care. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your wound and helping it heal:

It is best to always have first aid supplies ready in case of wound emergencies such as burns, ulcers, skin tears, electrical injuries, and animal bites, among others. Some examples include dressings, gauze pads, bandages, gloves, tapes, barrier films, prep pads, and more.

Make sure to change your dressing regularly to keep the wound clean. It is also important not to get your wound too wet, so be careful when taking a bath. This is because bacteria can spread from your body parts into your wound.

Do not use soap, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or other chemicals to clean your wound, especially without the advice of a medical professional. Clean your wound with sterile water, distilled water, or saltwater only.

Do not smoke, as it can slow down your wound’s healing. You should also manage your blood sugar levels and eat more foods high in protein. High blood sugar and low protein levels can also hinder healing.

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