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Increase Your Independence With Daily Living Aids

Living Aids

Independent lives for people suffering from restricted mobility often seem impossible. For those faced with movement challenges, performing or engaging in general tasks becomes a foregone thought of times past. While the inventory of specialized equipment that can assist in making life easier seems to increase by the moment, many of these assistive products come with a hefty price tag, are too cumbersome, or are unnecessarily complicated. I hope to assist you with this quick review of the simple and useful daily living aids that are available on the market right now.

Kitchen Aids

One of the busiest rooms in every house, the kitchen can become a huge source of challenges. The essential task of preparing a meal can be quite tricky if you’re unable to grip things properly, but there are some simple kitchen devices that can help along the way.
First, a cooking board. A good board will always come with non-slip feet to ensure it remains in place during use. These boards can come with spikes for holding fruit and vegetables in place allowing you to work with just one hand. They can also come with built in graters, slicers and other gripping devices for holding bigger food, such as bread, in place.

Once you have your edible ingredients securely in place on your board, you can then also use a slightly different type of utensil to prepare it. Utensils such as a graters, slicers and knives can come with a right angled handle. If you use one of these it gives you maximum grip in a natural position with no need to twist your wrist around too much.

Another area in the kitchen that can prove a challenge to anyone is opening bottles and jars. Some lids won’t budge no matter how much pressure you apply. Fortunately, there are a lot of devices to choose from that can address this issue. Some are battery operated and simply require you to attach it to the top of the bottle or jar and the device takes care of the rest. Others are manual openers that attach to the lid or cap, enabling you to have more leverage or a larger surface area to grab hold of. Try out a few and find out how surprisingly effective even the simplest of bottle openers can be.

Grab Rails

Securely and properly fitted grab rails around any home can make a huge difference in giving more independence. Many tasks, such as bathing and showering, involve having to sit down or stand up. By fitting and positioning grab rails in areas of your home where you need a little extra strength while maneuvering about will give you comfort and added stability and safety.


Some things around the home may seem out of reach. A handy reacher with a simple grabbing mechanism will certainly aid you as they act as an extension to your arm, enabling you to pick things up from the floor and close top windows with relative ease. Some reachers will also collapse down into a more portable size so that you can take them on the road.

These are just a few of the daily living aids available today to help in giving back independence. You can find other innovative and simple adaptive living aids at great prices at, or call Advanced Discount Medical – ADM – toll free at 1-888-8877-ADM today to find quality aids to daily living.

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