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Extra Protection Your Legs and Feet May Need


If you recently had surgery or are at risk of varicose veins, your legs and feet may require more protection. This is also true if you have health conditions that cause swelling such as lymphoedema. As a supplier of health supplies in Florida, we have a variety of options to suit your needs.

Here are some supplies we recommend:

  • Compression stockings
    These are designed to apply pressure to your lower legs which helps maintain blood flow. This reduces discomfort t and swelling in your legs.
  • Post-surgical shoes
    These protect your foot and toes after an injury or surgery. It has a flat and hard sole, fabric or mesh sides, and adjustable shoe straps which decrease pain as your foot carries your weight.
  • Foot arc cushions
    These are shoe inserts that support the arches of the foot. They distribute the pressure around your foot instead of leaving the pressure in the heel and ball of the feet.

You can easily purchase these through our website at ADVANCED DISCOUNT MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT. We are a provider of medical supplies and equipment in Cape Coral, Florida.

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