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Essentials You Need to Create a Healthy Aquarium for Your Fish


As your provider of quality veterinary supplies, we at ADVANCED DISCOUNT MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT understand the importance of vitamins and their benefits for our animal loved ones, including fish.

Some might think that pet fish only need clean water and food in order to live. Although partially true, pet fish also require a lot of care and attention in order for them to live healthy, happy lives in their watery world.

Aside from keeping their aquarium clean from debris and waste, responsible fish owners also have to give their pets the right amount of nutrition. Vitamins can help boost their health.

Our store offers high-quality health supplies in Florida, not just for humans but for your pets, as well. As such, we have in hand premium fish health and medical products from trusted brands like API, Aqueon, Seachem, Cordon, and Hakari at affordable prices and fast shipping to your door.

So, how can our products help your fish?

We carry medications to treat various bacteria and diseases in your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. One of our best sellers is the Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) for the treatment of bacterial fish diseases, including Aeromonas and Pseudomonas.

If you are looking for plant food to promote health to your live aquarium plants, we have those, as well. Vitamins to maintain fish health and optimal growth and color are also available in our store.

Other than these products, we also carry:

  • Water conditioners for aquariums to maintain a healthy environment and ensure well-being.
  • Water testing supplies and kits to ensure proper chemical balance.

Check out our large variety of premium fish care products today.

We also carry high-quality medical supplies and equipment in Cape Coral, Florida.

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