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Tongue Blade Holder 3.5v


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Welch Allyn 3.5 V Halogen HPX Tongue-Blade Holder; Power Handle Not Included * Featuring Halogen HPXTM illumination fiber-optic light transmission and universal tongue blade clamp for improved examinations that are easy and accurate to improve patient outcomes and staff efficiency * Features: Halogen HPXTM lamp provides light output for true tissue color * Fiber-optic diffuser provides cool distal light for improved comfort * Consistent long-lasting illumination * Universal clamp accommodates most tongue blades * Shipping Weights & Dimensions * Height: 5.1 CM * Width: 8.8 CM * Depth: 4 CM * Weight: 0.1 KG * Connects to EMR?: No * Product Warranty: ONE YEAR WARRANTY

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