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Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit Blue


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Kits include the meter battery lancing device 10 test strips 10 lancets and the manual * Easy to use * No Coding required * Approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST) * See accurate results in 6 seconds * Standard USB port to easily download test results * The Prodigy Pocket? blood glucose meter has a large easy-to-read display screen * Meter measures 3.5 inches long * Prodigy Pocket? is small sleek and designed to take anywhere * With No Coding required the Prodigy Pocket? avoids the danger of false results caused by coding errors * Simply insert the test strip into the test strip port and the Prodigy Pocket? automatically turns on * With one button simplicity the Prodigy Pocket? is easy to use while providing safe accurate test results every time

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