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NelMed 3 Multi-Use Support


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Nelmed wraps are known for maintaining superior comfort during prolonged use * This lightweight wrap lives up to its reputation by providing comfortable customized support that won?t bunch or irritate skin * Perfect for both acute and chronic injuries use this extra long wrap to secure small-sized hot or cold packs for hot/cold therapy * Combine compression with heat therapy to help increase blood flow to sore spots; cold therapy to help reduce swelling * Helping protect and prevent injuries doesn?t get easier than this; simply wrap and go * Comfortable enough to wear every day at work play or any activity that contributes to strain * With 30 inches (70cm) of high quality elastic the Nelmed Multi-Use Wrap helps secure even the most swollen and sensitive ankles knees wrists or elbows with warm stabilizing support * Convenient hook and loop eliminates need for clumsy metal clips * One size fits all * Machine washable *

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