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Medical Infrared Gun Non Contact Thermometer, LCD Digital Thermometer with Fever Alarm, FDA

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Medical Professional Infrared Temporal thermometer with accurate 1s reading. Certified by CE and FDA ROHS compliant , mercury-free, it is safer than the traditional mercury thermometer.
The digital thermometer is designed for all ages, It not only supports the forehead or surface function but is able to take room temperature. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable, 1 second instant measurement with instant reading and 32 sets of readings are recorded. The handgrip rises to a new level of comfort through thoughtful ergonomics.
1 second fast measurement, instant reading. The temporal thermometer has a silent mode and has an LCD light display that also provides clear readings in the dark and °C and °F can be switched at will allowing you to easily get Forehead temperature without waking up you. For all ages, everyone needs it. It’s really practical. and also important.
The infrared thermometer is equipped with a fever warning system, When the measurements exceed 99.5 ℉/37.5℃, the thermometer will emit a red backlight and a soft beep to remind you. Display lights up in green/red to indicate fever. Green for normal, red for fever. 32 sets of memory readings are recorded for better tracking the changes of Forehead temperature.
NON-CONTACT & EASY to USE! Infrared technology reads from forehead with no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple people.
Item type: Infrared Thermometer/ Non-contact
Model: UXA01
Measuring distance: 1-5 inches
Measuring time: 1 second
Display resolution: 0.1℃-F
Supply voltage: DC3V, 2*AAA Battery(not included)
Maximum permissible errors: 32℃-35.9℃(±0.3℃); 36.0℃-39℃(±0.2℃); 39.1℃-42.9℃(±0.3℃)
Temperature measurement range: Temperature Mode: 32℃-42.9℃(89.6℉~108.5℉)
Measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃
Operating environment: 10℃~40℃(50℉`104℉), Humidity: ≤85%
Display unit: ℃/℉
Package weight: 112g
Package size: 6.5″x4.5x 1.5″
Package includes: 1 Infrared Thermometer, 1 Instruction


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