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Dynarex Compressor Nebulizer



Dynarex Compressor Nebulizer feature a compact, streamlined design that allow users to manage respiratory disorders effectively. Nebulizers convert prescribed medication into an aerosol of easily inhaled microscopic droplets at a rate of ≈.2ml/min. The SVN (Small Volume Nebulizers) showcase quiet operation levels (below 60dB), compressor pressure ranges of 30-50PSI, and are not made with natural rubber latex. Dynarex Nebulizers are suitable for both adult and pediatric patients.

– Ergonomic design
– One button operation
– Convinient to handle
– Easy to replace dust screen
– 3-Year Limited Warranty
Package includes: 1 nebulizer, 1 adult mask, 1 pediatric mask, 1 mouthpiece, 1 T-piece, 1 tube, 5 filters

Dynarex # 5606


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