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During COVID-19 Pandemic the demand for Personal Protection Equipment has increased over 300% and with that the supply of those items is not enough to meet the current needs.
We, at Advanced Discount Medical Supplies and Equipment still have a wide variety of Nitrile Exam Gloves, Dental gloves, Nitrile gloves approved for food handling, Industrial gloves and mechanical gloves at discount prices ready to ship same day. Our inventory is updated daily.
Our nitrile gloves vary in thickness from 2mil to over 5mil depending on application and some are tested to use with Chemotherapy drugs.
We offer a large array of brands such as Ansell, Microflex, Medline, AMMEX, Microtouch, Beesure, Cranberry, Omni International Trust, Ambitex, Kimberly Klark.
We constantly strive to provide a variety of blue nitrile, black nitrile and white nitrile gloves at discounted prices with same day shipping to your door.
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