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CBD Small Dog Formula 60mg 30 ml Size (ea) Green Roads


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Size: 30 ML * Total CBD: 60mg * Recommended Use: Dogs 15lbs or less * Dose/Serving: 0.4 mg-2 mg per serving * Green Roads’ CBD small dog drops are made with hemp seed oil and hemp-derived cannabinoid extract grown on American farms * Each 1ml of this dog CBD oil delivers 2mg of CBD * This 30ml bottle gives you a source of support if your small pal (under 15 pounds) gets jittery over trips to the vet new house guests or scary thunderstorms * These drops are ideal if your small dog struggles with tired joints and limbs and other challenges related to aging * Green Roads brings the same care to our pet line as we do to our CBD products for people * Like all other Green Roads products our CBD oil for dogs is sent out to third-party labs for testing * All lab sheets are readily available to you via a QR code that you can find on all of Green Roads packaging * Non GMO


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